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Global Midi Settings


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Thanks for the help on yesterday's post....

I have another problem with the MIDI on POD HD500X.....

I use Cubase to play Audio backing tracks for live work, I have a single "arrangement" which contains all of the songs in the first set, each of these songs has its own marker and corresponding midi channel which transmits program and CC data to the pod changing patches / effects etc per song.

I want to use FS1 to start the track, FS2 to stop the track and FS3 to jump to the next marker, all of which I can do, in any given patch but the problem comes when the patch changes, and currently the only way I can figure out to resolve this is to go into every patch and physically assign the MIDI information to FS1, FS2 & FS3, as there dosn't apear to be a Global Midi Assignment option.

Thanks once again for any assistance....

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Looks like the only solution is the one you already discovered: each patch has to have the correct midi info programmed. There is no global midi options except for assigning the midi channel and midi out or out/thru.

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That is correct - MIDI switch assignments are patch specific


If you plan to be doing this really early on, you could set them in a "base patch" that you copy when building your real patches, but there is no other short cut 

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