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Pod Hd400 Recording Help Needed


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Hi all,


So I have my desktop setup with cubase 5, and my pod hd400 set up as my audio interface.


When I record, it records the tone on the pedal, but I am unable to change the tone at a later date, how can I fix this??




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The typical method of 'changing the tone at a later date' is achieved by
- recording the 'dry' (unprocessed) tone to your DAW

- apply software-based FX in your DAW to the recorded dry tone. These are called 'plug-ins' and allow flexibility in adjusting your tone at a later time. You are only limited by the scope and quality of your plug-ins.


There are two problems in doing this with the expectation of later adjustment of HD400 tones:

- the HD400 has no ability to send the dry tone to your DAW for recording

- there is no Pod HD FX plug-in


... so the short answer is - there is no fix. And it wouldn't be a 'fix' because nothing is wrong or broken - the HD400 is simply not designed to do this. Of course you can apply other plug-in FX to the already-processed and recorded HD400 tone, but I don't think that's what you had in mind.

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