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Amplifi tones and Pod HD500x

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Sorry to post a lamer question, but I am just starting to learn to play guitar at age 65 lol! I have bought the gear I want to get best sounds, so have JTV Variax 89, Pod HD500x, and Amplifi 75. I am finding it hard to find info. I bought the Amplifi 75 as I was tempted by ability to download tones. I am struggling with the Pod 500x though, and wonder is there any way to save the downloaded Amplifi tones to the hd500x ?

I know I am probably going too fast and should really be focussing on just playing the guitar, but unless I like the sounds, I get bored playing. I am thinking of selling the Amplifi to get a Stagesource L2M, don't really need L2T as I have the Pod - this would give me "the dream rig" which may be awesome. Before I do this though, I just wonder is it possible somehow to save downloaded Amplifi tones to the POD HD 500x. I may be a dumbo at the moment, but give me credit for getting the best gear even though am just a beginner! I know what I like. Cheers, Pete

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As jandrio says, the two are not interchangeable. You might get more out of a DT25 as the 'valve tones' may suit your ears. If you can try both and see which you like best.


You will need to get to grips with the 500x to get the best out of it. I found using the edit software pretty easy - although it's limiting if you can't make a few tweaks on the pod itself.


Also there are loads of patches in Customtone so maybe look there, download a few, then tweak them so they sound best to you.


Above all, have fun!

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