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Wireless JTV switching

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I know this has been discussed previously but now that Line6 are releasing the Helix range of processors I'd love it if they could develop some means of switching models and tunings wirelessly.


I have a Line6 G50 wireless but it is pointless to be going wireless (audio) if you still need to be tethered for data.


I imagine that they could develop a very small wireless transmitter that would plug directly into the Variax port on the Helix (powered by the Helix) and a corresponding receiver that would plug directly into the VDI port on the Variax (powered by the variax battery).


I'm imagining something around the size of this mi.1 wireless midi device that is under development.


If they were able to bring something like this out it would be amazing and allow me to use my Variax completely wirelessly (the way it should be).

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