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Adjusting M20d for a bass player that has a tendency to slap the bass

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But in all seriousness, sounds like the bassist needs a compressor / limiter BEFORE the M20d, so your 'dry' input will sound decent when you record. Otherwise, you'll have to set the trim for his slap bass levels, which would likely be way too low for non-slap bass technique.


MarkBass supposedly makes a killer bass comp pedal. Keeley recently entered into that foray with a couple options, I would assume they sound awesome for bass, haven't used 'em so don't know. I do know that my regular Keeley 4-knob comp does NOT sound good with bass... Filters too much of the low end out. Well, at least, it didn't work well on a 5-string active bass - I think that low B string was too low for it. Might work ok on a four string passive bass?


I would guess that they addressed that issue in the design of the bass compressor:


They also recently put out a compressor 'pro' which can likely also handle bass guitars:


Keeley also recently put out this 'compressor / limiter' which can probably also handle bass:


MarkBass 'Compressore':


Found this online, a compendium of compressor reviews:


Here's another thread about bass compressors:

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But in all seriousness, 




There are great fixing suggestions here.  


However, I believe fixing with gear is never the answer. Record and teach the bass player to play for the actual song. Make him understand that is all about the song and not about him. Give him about 3 chances to understand. If he fails replace him.


That's how I would go about it anyway...    

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Also, when you say "minimize" the slap, what are you trying to achieve? If they actually want that slap sound in their playing, you as the sound guy aren't there to bury it; you are there to make it blend in with the rest of the music.  Does the volume peak to loud? Does it sound too twangy?  There are different things to do based off of what the issue is.

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