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Display/LED brightness?


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Gigged the FH all weekend, worked perfectly with no reliability issues at all over two 3-hour sets!


Saturday night in a bar was fine, but playing at an outdoors on Sunday afternoon in bright sunshine, I couldn't see the FH display or LEDs at all. I had to build a little cardboard 'hood' to give it a bit of shadow, but still I had to trust my memory of what was where.


Is there some deep edit way to increase the brightness at all? 

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Have you brought your ipad with ? Will it be of any help  for the brightness topic ?


Btw, have you experimented any trouble because of the latency pb when switching from you patch to another ?


Tks for your feedback.

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The ipad helped, but at a glance being able to see the coloured leds, as well as being able to read the FH's display to see which bank and preset you're switching to (since the ipad only changes its display once you've switched to the bank/preset). 


I mentioned in another topic about minimising the lag - 


"Not changing Amps helps - ie if patch A is set to a Blackface Normal, keep B, C and D on the same amp/cab if possible. 

There seems to be a bit of a caching effect per bank - if you load bank 30, then load patch A, B, C, D and let them sit on each for a moment, the lag reduces very slightly (but only if 'not changing amps' as above).

Not being Bluetooth tethered speeds things up a bit too. The FH seems to wait on a response of some sort from my iPad, and again there's a difference when not connected to it."



I've been able to get the lag down to maybe 1/10th of a second this way? 

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I've 2 (so far) 'generic' banks I'm using- 


30A - Clean / 30B - Rhythm / 30C - Heavy Rhythm / 30D - Solo  -  all based on Blackface Lux Normal, various settings. 

31A - Clean / 31B - Rhythm / 31C - Heavy Rhythm / 31D - Solo  -  all based on JCM 59 settings.


Then maybe 2 more banks with presets specific to certain songs with odd effects (the tremolo on Boulevard of Broken Dreams, for example). 


I don't think setting up 40 presets for every song is going to work, unless you're on tour and playing the exact same setlist every night? 

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I had 3 gigs on last weekend (3 hours). The FH worked fine and the sound was great.


2 of the 3 gigs were under a nive sun and I have had exactly the same experience than yours : impossible to see anything. It's a little bit disturbing when you have to take a solo and you don't know if the boost and the stomp are on or off !


My workaround was to have my galaxy on a lectern and see if the stomp was highlighted. Not very efficient...but better than nothing


In order to solve easyly this problem, it gave me an idea of enhancement of the ipad/android software : if Line6 could add a "status panel" just displaying the position of each selector it would be easyer  to the patch and the options selected. As soon as my account is approved I will fill the suggestion form. 

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