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JTV-89F - Is it worth getting?

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Hi All,

I currently have a JTV-89 which I have had for a few years and love.

A deal has come up on a JTV-89F which I am looking at but I have never used one.

In your opinion, if you already have a JTV-89, is it worth getting a JTV-89F with the licensed Floyd Rose Trem? 



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To me, YES.

I feel the great thing about any Variax is it's versatility.

It can emulate many different guitars.

Some of the guitars it emulates have a tremelo, so I feel a Variax should have one as well.

Of course if you never intend to use a tremelo that's fine, you won't miss it.

Personally I think the 59 is the most beautifull and I was inclined to buy one because the 89 doesn't have a tremelo anyways.

My goto guitar is a Ibanez RG with tremelo so as a model the 89 did appeal to me, just missing the tremelo didn't make any sense to me.

Good thing I waited and the 89F came out.

I bought it and I can tell you the Graphtek tremelo is very well built and functions great!

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I picked up one about two years ago.

Picked up my second in January of this year.

My checkbook vote says "Yes, they're worth it."




I would be much happier if Line 6 had more than just the two "colors." I have way too many black guitars and since "blood red" is the only other option, I have two of them.

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