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Used TonePort UX1 and license problems in mac with Pod Farm 2

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Hi there!


I´ve recently bought a used TonePort UX1,(the one with the red front) and I have a mac with OS X Yosemite. I hace all the drivers updated, the License manager with all the devices authorized and the Line 6 Monkey. Even though, for some reason Pod Farm 2.58 is in trial mode and doesn´t give me a license to get the complete features that I "deserve".


Can someone help me? 


Thank you vey much!


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The problem most likely is that your UXs are not authorized to use Pod Farm 2. Not all are and it is doubtful the red faced ones were (or all the black faced ones either). Now on the other hand Pod Farm 1 should be fine.

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What BillBee said.


If the 1st time the unit was registered was before Oct 2010 (I think that was the cutoff) you will only have PF 1.12.

That is not the case with the majority of the Red-Faced Toneports.


If it was after that you may be entitled to PF 2.5, if that is the case make sure you run the License Manager.

This is the case with most (not all) Black-Faced POD Studios.

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