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Model Pak frequency Response


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As a followup to my threads on THD, DEP parameters, and frequency responses for HD500x amps, microphones, & cabs, i finally completed the THD & frequency response measurements of the model paks. You will find them here, since the 340k file is too big to upload to this forum (?).


What I found most interesting was the presence (or absence) of 60/120 cycle hum. It seems in these older models you get the 60 cycle hum whether you want it or not. I indicated which ones were clean and which ones had hum. It would have thought it would have been such an easy thing to add a DEP parameter to adjust these.

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Yes, sort of.


1) I didn't find a hum DEP parameter for the Xt/X3 models. 

2) Some of the older models had no hum at all. ALL models with lots of gain had more noise than the rest, regardless if they were old or new.

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