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How to shape your pod tone in 10'' for mix.


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It is a very easy thing to do that really sets your tone ready for mix:


After the amp, add a mid focus EQ and put HP FREQ:20% HP Q:0%  LP FREQ:92% GAIN 0-14% (depends on the amp)


It will give you a much better tone for all amps except: DOOM, ACOUSTIC, JCM 800(Old).


Try it, and let me know what you think. 

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putting high and low pass filters after the cab is an old good trick which in the years I used several times too get rid of some boominess and harshness and to better focus the cab main tone..


time ago on ideascale I suggested to put also a low pass filter to the cab parameters (in addition to the already present high pass filter), in order to save a FX slot needed for the EQ, but L6 implemented that idea in Helix and not into the HD series..


I consider the MID FOCUS EQ (which contains both filters) one of the most useful FXs into the POD..


but usually I use quite different settings than yours Aris

Ι am very interested to what parameters you are using Nico. If you could share with us it would be great.

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I'm curious which amps or cabs Arislaf and Nico apply these filters to? I haven't noticed a need on the amps I use (/13, Dr Z, SLO, Deluxe), with the mics I use.

The way I am using it is for any configuration. It smooth it for the mix.

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