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POD HD 500 X Hiss and Hum noise


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Well it sounds like you have a time based effect somewhere in your patch. The only other suggestion for now, would  be a noise gate at the very beginning. It's hard to come up with any solutions until I know what your patch consists of.

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Have you tried another guitar cable?  Noise still there?


What happens when you plug a cable into the input of the POD with no guitar connected? Noise still there?


What happens when no cable is plugged into the input of the POD? Noise still there?

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Now that we are that far, the big question is: 

is it associated with the time, with the switch, or with the light? 


Reboot your computer. Unplug the Pod. Try another usb cord. Change your ground settings. 

Change the placement of the usb/computer, as well as your guitar/pickups and cord. 

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used to happen quite frequently when i was building filters (vcf) with led strips.

this is because the digital and analog ground is not separated properly, the current from the led finds a shortcut thru the ground loop.

in devices with internal power supply its easy to keep grounds separate. looking at the rather thin pod power cable theres no room for separation. and the thinner, the higher ohms it gets.


you could try to disconnect (cut) the shielding of the cable(s) between the pod and the amp. as long as it remains grounded on one side, the shielding will be fine and working. in case of different mains sockets not 100% recommended.

and then there are the audio transformer ground insulator devices as used in cars. they may be not totally hifi, but should do for the guitar frequency range

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