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HD500x for bass effects


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Okay guys, I know other threads have been started about this, but I haven't gotten any answers from those, so here's the deal.  I'm using a Mesa Boogie M9 Carbine head, and two SWR Goliath II cabinets, with a Yamaha RBX6JM bass. I wanted to use the POD HD500X for effects only.  It appears the only way to connect it to the amp is with this "4 cable method," which I have tried.  Problem is, all of the knobs on my amp become useless when I do this, like it's just a power amp.  Can someone just tell me everything I have to do to get it like this:

-complete control of amp head, with Mesa M9 tone
-good sounding effects from the POD
-plenty loud enough, and I can use the amp head volume

Basically, use the 500x just exclusively for effects, leaving volume and tone without effects to my amp head.  Can I do this with an HD500x? If not, what piece of equipment would do this?  Basically I just want to have the closest thing to a pedal board without actually getting several different pedals and putting them on the board.


Thanks in advance

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