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No sound to speakers from hd500x


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I just connected my new HD500X to my two studio monitors via XLR.  I am getting no sound to the speakers.  I can't find my headphone adapter so I can't test if audio is going out at all.  


Just to confirm, I don't need any device between my 500X and my speakers right?  XLR cables go directly from pedal to speaker?  


Is there a setting on the 500X where I have to specify XLR instead of 1/4 line?  I just went through the setup guide and found nothing.  


I just tested, 1/4 gives sound.  XLR does not.  


Thanks for any help

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If they are powered, then they are powered. 



But to answer the question of "what does this mean"... 

Think about a Marshall Stack. You got the cab, which is the speakers. And you have the head, which is your power amp. 

You can't plug your Pod straight into the cab, you need to plug it into the head.


The pod does not have a powered section. It simulates the tone of amps and cabs and various mic, but it does not actually have the powered section. 



If your monitors have their own internal power (like a combo amp), then you don't need to worry about it. 

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Finally found the little knob for mic on the back.  It's very small and below something else.  It's also not on the picture in the quick setup guide, and not referenced either.  Strange.


I do have to turn the volume way up, and I'm not sure it sounds any better than 1/4.   Maybe even not as good.   


RobertMcCollins3, why don't you like using XLR?  

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