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Are People willing to share set lists?


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I just want tons of presets to download and try and a pack would be much appreciated. I have downloaded a ton of individual presets but it is a pain in the lollipop to try a lot of these adding them one at a time. I was wondering if anyone had a bunch of set list that they keep around and would be willing to share? I have looked around the web and really only found about one website where they gives recommendations on how to build presets and have almost one whole set lists worth of patches. Then there is that guy that sells patches.


On all of my old pedals I usually just tweak all the presets till I get a tone I like. I did this with the rp350, zoom g3, pod x3 bean, and the pandora mini. The G3 and X3 were drag and drop so that made it a breeze to just go to town on different patches. I like to adjust the existing patches so having more of those helps.



long story short the line 6 tone library is not a convenient way to try a ton of different stuff with the pod hd500.

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Sure mate, but the forum doesn't help too much to do that. I can sent you my bundle if you are willing to p.m. me your email. I have 8 categories :

Acoustic/ Vocal (for acoustic guitar and vocals)

Songs (specific songs )

Artists General tones of different artists,not full yet)

FX 1

FX 2 (make your guitar synth etc)

Variax (from the latest update)

Style (for different styles, rock, country, blues, still not full)

and bass / drums (for bass and drums, still not full)

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If you want a large list of files (not in setlist form), click here

Admittedly, some of them won't work on your unit. And some of them are duplicates. But it has already been zippped, it is hard to create something 'made to order' when it has already been completed.

*some of them have the wrong extension, which means you can't click to open. Some of them won't work, but the ones that will work can be dragged-and-dropped into EDIT regardless of having the right extension or not.
**Some of these are 10 years old. This means that some of the firmware has been changed since the files were invented.

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