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Pod Hd And Electric Guitar Mode

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A little confused. When you use L6Link, it sets the POD output mode to 'combo power amp' and the L2 to electric guitar mode, which seems to imply that's the Line6 recommended way of using them together. Doesn't that defeat the point of a full range flat response system? The speaker is coloring the sound and the POD is expecting that coloration so is altering its output to suit. 


Also, if you're using the L2 as backline and sending output to the soundman from the pod you'll want to have the pod in 'studio' output mode. Problem is them you'll want the L2 in FRFR mode, meaning you can't take advantage of the groovy virtual tilt back thing. If you put in keyboard mode (for example) what you'll be hearing will be colored and different from what the soundman gets, no?

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Wahwah - rookie here, but discovered similar restrictions wrt the L6 Link/POD connection....restrictions were also confirmed via Line6 telephone spt....net for me is to go studio direct for the POD (feeding the L2T ch2 with XLR together with a second XLR connection as ch1 for acoustic), use the POD and L2T mixer for signal shaping, EQ...in your case, I would probably do same, but patch the adjacent soundman via summed (balanced) directly out of the L2T backpanel



- Matt

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