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Line 6 spider iv 15 amp settings

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Hey guys I'm new to using forums and such so be nice lol. I've recently bought a Spider iv 15. Wanna know if any other forum users out there happen to know or roughly know of some amp settings for the following bands.

All time low. Yellowcard. Beartooth. Pvris and Against The Current. My new band members want to cover/practice a couple of their songs until myself and the other guitarist get around to buying a stack or larger amp and we get around to writing our own material.


Usual format please

Channel used:





Channel volume:

Effects 1:

Effects 2:


If it helps at all I'm running a "Midnight Sapphire" Les Paul 1960's tribute with Gibson humbucker pickups and I'm looking into getting either a Fender Telecaster or PRS Mira in the near future.


No stupid replies like all knobs turned to zero and get a new amp son on so forth, just a straightforward answer would be appreciated.



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Since you're new here you may not be aware of the Customtone section of this website (see row of links at top of this page). Search this tone database selecting Spider as your product filter. You might find some good hits. If not, perhaps others will reply here with more info.

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I had a look at the custom tone section on the website and nothing of those bands was anywhere to be seen! Seem to be a lot of classics and recent ish type song settings along with plenty of metal tones lol nothing that I've been looking for!

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