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Anyone with a USB Workbench interface for sale/donate please?

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Hey guys,


New member here from Canada.


Not sure if this is the right place to post this but a few days ago I bought a used Variax JTV-69 but the guitar did not come with the USB workbench interface.


No big deal I thought to myself as I assumed the interface would be around the 20$ mark.


Called today a Canadian Line6 dealer and the Workbench interface is a lot more  :(


This is to much money for me as funds are currently a bit tight and I want to edit the parameters on my Variax JTV but I can't :/


I don't have any POD either...


I was wondering if there is a forum member who already uses his Variax through his POD willing to donate or sell his (now unused) Workbench interface on a fair price.


Any help would be appreciated.



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The problem is, if they sell it to you, when they then go to sell their guitar they will have difficulty selling.


You could wait for 1 on eBay, or possibly borrow/hire a POD HD for a week or so from a music store. Other than that, I'm afraid the reason you probably got a good deal on your guitar is because this was not included. You may have to save up and get one from Line 6. In the meantime, just do a full reset so you know the modelling you have in your Variax is factory standard.

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Thanks for your reply ozbadman.


The reason I am asking is that I saw some posts where the person is selling their Workbench USB interface or donating it. But they were old threads and I missed the boat on them.


So I am still hoping someone would be willing to help me out.

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