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My Pedalboard - Including Pod Hd 500


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I just wanted to share with you my hybrid pedalboard :)


I use the POD for EQing, modulation and wah. The pedals shown in the picture will vary drastically in the next days... The Boss EH-2 will be off the board, and I´m waiting for a Bogner Ecstasy Red, a Wampler Triple Wreck and a TC Electronic Hall of Fame reverb.









I connect all this using the 4CM, as shown in the picture:









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I remember the good old days when I just plugged into an amp ..... lol .... seriously though, that is a very nice set up you have and the custom board is very sweet. Thanks for the block diagram too.


I find my HD500 L6 Link to my DT25 works perfectly for my needs. I have a custom hard case for the HD500 that came up used when the seller sold his HD500 and the buyer was tight on cash leaving him with an empty case .... now how lucky was that for me?

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This is an upgrade of the block diagram with my new stomboxes. It is also better detailed.



Do you play out live with this rig? If so, you should find a way to protect that power plug for the HD at the top of your rig.  Just a word of advice from a gigging musician that's already replaced one.  Nice kit though!

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