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iMac - POD HD - Ugh


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Hi all, 


I've read several threads about connecting the POD to the computer, and getting output through the speakers. I'm failing miserably.  :rolleyes:

Here is what I have:


- Late 2013 iMac

- USB Ion Desk Rocker speakers

- Pod HD Desktop


Can I trouble someone to just lay it out for me step by step what I need to do to play through the Pod and get output through my speakers? I used to play through a Pod XT on my Windows PC and never had any issue. It sounded great, in fact. I'd greatly appreciate any guidance. Thanks!

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its not going to work right with USB speakers...

however it can work...

google, mac aggregate audio device

and it will explain how to make 2 audio devices work as 1... (one for input, one for output)

the latency will possibly be unbearable... but might be tolerable depending on how particular you are and how the imac plays with your devices.

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routing the audio in the computer is the challenge....


Your speakers have RCA inputs on them....Why not get yourself a pair of 1/4 to RCA cables and plug your directly into the speakers?

Can you give me an idea on how to set that up? Also, which cable would I need, two RCA on one end and two 1/4 on the other? Thanks.

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I have a MACBook Pro.  This might help...

My sound card is the Presonus AudioBox 22VSL.  I also have a Behringer XENYX 802 8-input 2-BUS Mixer.

The Sound Card is USB to the MacBook.

From the POD 500X ¼ inch outputs(stereo) to the mixer input Channel 4 (Left and Right

From the AudioBox outputs (Left and Right) to the Mixer Channel 3.


The Main outputs from the mixer go to a passive stereo amp, that drive my desktop monitors (speakers).

The mixer EQ's are flat ( 0 dB ).  I run the output from the AudioBox about 100%.  The fader level on the Computer channel and POD channel on the mixer is about -5 to -8dB's with the main mix out flat at 0 dB's.  I use the headphone output off the mixer.  So if I want to be silent, I power off the passive stereo amp and just use the headphones.  I have the sound from the computer, and from the POD HD 500X that I can mix so as to not blast my ear drums.

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