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HD500X dead?


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Was using the HD yesterday and all was good. Just running thru presets and didn't change anything at all.


Powered it up this morning and the display is just a series of tiny black squares making up 1 big square the size of the display area.


I have tried powering up holding down the left arrow but no luck.

Tried connecting it to the L6 software via USB but its not finding the HD500X so I cant flash it or change anything.


I don't understand how it can work perfectly one day and be dead the next without anything changing overnight.


Anyone have any suggestions on a fix for this



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That dont sound to good, maybe the Flash ROM has failed or become corrupt ? which will mean sending the pod hd in for repair.


how can this happen ?


well it's just one of those things it should last years without any issues but sometime some electrical chips in any electrical device may have a hidden fault when it was made, that makes the part fail before its exepected time or amount of read/writes, luckly this is rare for the amount of electrical chips that are made but it can/does happen.


just for an example.


i had a computer work fine one day and motherboard bios chip fail the next day for no reason other than a faulty Bios chip, although i have owened and built hundreds of PC's it's the only time i can recall a bios fail for me over the past 20 years.

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Thanks for the suggestions


I dont have an alternate power supply but the one I have looks fine to me.

had a look at the USB socket and its completely intact, no damage

I only play at home and in reality have barely use the HD so far. Its on 13 months old (just out of warranty!).
Im annoyed that something with maybe only 50 hours of use has effectively died
I created a L6 support ticket so maybe they can suggest something

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