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UX1 & PodFarm 2.5 aren't making an Audio Output! Please Help!

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So I recently purchased a Pod Studio UX 1 that also comes with PodFarm.


I load up into PodFarm, find my MIC, set the bit-rates, etc.


But here's my issue. I go into the audio control panel, and when I talk, I see that under Recording the UX1 interface doesn't show any movement of Audio. Yet in PodFarm 2.5 I see the audio in Input and Output move up and down. Where is it going?


I have plugged my headphones into the PHONES jack on the front just like it says. I'm able to hear all of my PC's sounds, along with myself when talking into PodFarm with the effects. (Really wish I couldn't re-hear myself)


When I do load into recording programs, the closest one I can get working is Adobe Audition, which makes me use ASIO. But as you know, the ASIO method is the worst when you're trying to use this with things like OBS and Skype. (Because then they won't take any MIC audio)


So, if you could PLEASE HELP me, I wanna know where my audio is going. It seemed that I should just be able to plug my MIC into the UX1 and PodFarm should make an output through the Audio Interface in my Audio Control Panel. Am I missing something?


Thanks for the help!


BTW: All drivers are up to date.


System Specs:

OS: Windows 10

CPU: fx-8350

RAM: 16 gigs

MIC: Cad GXL 2200 w/ Phantom Power Box


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The UX1 is your audio interface when you have it plugged in - you need to select it as the default audio device in your control panel.

My Audio Control Panel has the Line6 device already set to Default under Playback and Recording.


I've been using it like a sound-card, but also want to use it for recording.


But like I said, PodFarm isn't creating an output to my PC. So if I go in a Recording Program and set the device to the Lin6, no Audio will record.

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The UX1 is an ASIO device. If you configure your recording program to use a non-ASIO protocol you invite problems. Use the ASIO driver that comes with the UX1.

I've found a way to fix it by connecting through the Microphone Jack.


But I would like to point out that the MIDI Control Panel does show that there is no ASIO driver.


Thanks for the help though!

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