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UX1 & PodFarm 2.5 don't output audio to PC

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Hello, sorry if this is a sorta double post.


But I thought that I might try here for help as well.


I purchased a UX1 and got PodFarm 2.5 with it.


I have the UX1 set as default in Playback and Recording.


I can hear playback of the microphone whilst monitoring.


But here's the issue, when I go to record things, I either get an error, or no Audio out.


Using skype, setting the interface as the microphone creates no audio.

Audacity on launch gives me a "no audio devices" error.

Adobe Audition has an MME error.

And OBS, when trying to record/preview/stream, forcefully turns off the mic option telling me that it is unplugged, or not working well.


Let me reassure you that it is plugged in, up to date on drivers, and windows says it's running perfectly.


Please if you could help me, that would be great! I just want to know where my audio is going, and how I can fix this :P



CPU: fx-8350

OS: Windows 10

RAM: 16 gigs

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