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Run HD PRO X into AMP and use AMP SIM on second path


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I want to run my real AMP on one feed from the HD PRO X and also I want to run a second path through an AMP SIM.


Question is what settings should the "mode" be?  for the AMP to be fed from the output it needs COMBO PWR or COMBO PRE, but this will screw with the AMP SIM on the other path... which should need STUDIO/DIRECT?

the fundamental question is:


WHERE is the "STUDIO/DIRECT : COMBO PWR : COMBO PRE mode" applied... ???


many thanks



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I'm assuming here that you want to use your amp as well as a FR speaker. I would maybe leave it in studio/direct and apply the 4cm to your amp.


Path A: disable amp block and add FX loop block wherever you see fit


Path B: whatever amp modeling you want and make sure your output goes to a FR speaker. I've never tried it but I'd imagine it would work something like that

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yes i have an FR speaker... basically the desire is to run two separate chains, one using a SIM and one not. But the chain with the real amp shouldn't have the Studio Direct "flavouring"... (flavoring for you USA guys...) :P 

Why would I need the 4cm?  couldn't I just have the FX send to the AMP?

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I think this is do-able if you use FRFR speakers in Studio Direct, the POD HD cannot run in 2

different output modes simultaneously. I imagine the signal chain would look something like this.


                                          |-- AmpSim --|

Guitar > POD HD Input --<                      >-- POD HD Ouput.

                                          |-- FX Loop --|  


2 ways to go about inputs.


1. Connect the dry output from the POD HD to your real amplifiers input.

2. Connect FX Loop send to real guitar amplifiers input. (options depend on if amp has fx loop)


I don't think any combination will allow you to sum both amps before the outputs in the POD HD easily.

Personally, I would re-amp from the POD HD dry out, and leave it at that. Then you could set the POD

HD to any output mode and not have it conflict with the real amp. FRFR will open up your options here.

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Having done some checks this morning I think I have answered this...


1) The "mode" (studio/direct:combo pre:combo post:stack pre:stack post) is done right at the end of the POD HD signal chain, just before being presented on the "outputs" (either the Balanced or Unbalanced)


2) In order to run BOTH a sim amp and a real amp, you need to tap off the signal for the real amp by using the FX Loop Send.  (the FX loop can be placed anywhere in the chain) to get desired result.

(btw NucleusX, I want to have POD HD effects before the amp so the dry out is not an option)

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Your solution would make sense if the amplifier you intend to use has an FX loop of its own, so you can FX return

back to the POD HD. Where does your FX send go from there ? and where do the 2 amp paths sum together ?

As long as its working for you, I'm just curious with how exactly you went about routing your signal paths.

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I do it with 1 full amp and cab sim on the left path panned left and one pre amp model on the right path panned to the right (if you are using a whole amp make sure the right path is clean). With the outputs I just have the left xlr going to the PA, and the right path from the right 1/4 inch going to a poweramp/amp. Remember that the 1/4 outputs sum to mono so you have a dummy patch lead in the left 1/4 output.


As far as modes I leave it as studio/direct and eq the right path.

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only way I've done it as above, amp sim, panned left, and drop an amp into the right path, then turn it off... gets you a nice pass thru clean signal, panned right.. then on the back left out goes to amp/speaker/usb interface, whatever you wish to use...., right out goes into your amp to use it as a normal clean guitar into amp setup....


oh and the input needs to be set as guitar/guitar, otherwise left and right won't work correctly...(IE no sound from the right channel cause the right will be looking at a different input then guitar) same doesn't even net the right result.. gotta be guitar/guitar

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"Remember that the 1/4 outputs sum to mono so you have a dummy patch lead in the left 1/4 output."


CDKane I run my rig similar to the way you described in your post but I'm not sure what you mean by the above quote? Do I need to insert a small 1/4 patch cable in the left 1/4 output? I guess I just don't understand what it means when you say "1/4 inch outputs sum to mono".




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