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Flextone Duo And Floorboard

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Hey Guys,


I recently got an original Flextone Duo with a floorboard as part of a trade. The floorboard is in excellent condition.


Overall it seems like everything is working as expected, however when scrolling up or down through the banks using the floorboard, I never really see the User or Preset tones. Everything is always in (E) edit mode.


I did the documented factory re-set on the amp (holding down a-b-c-d while powering up). I am wondering if there is a battery in the amp or in the floorboard itself that may need replacing.


Any ideas/help would be great.






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Ok, I think I found the answer. Looks like this is a known issue with the 1st gen Flextones. Their program store feature isn't backed up by a battery so as the components age, the feature starts to fail.


Without the floorboard plugged in, I am seeing the exact same behavior as documented in this post:



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