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HD500 With Digitech Trio Pedal


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Holy crap!  Just got my Trio tonight and straight out of the box it is the most fun pedal I have ever owned.  Easy to setup and use, I got the extra 3 button switch to go with it.  I set up a patch with my guitar in channel A and the FX loop in channel B feeding the Trio.  Dummy plug in the Trio amp output and feed the Trio mixer output back into channel B.  (that is only the drums and bass)  Put a reverb after the bass and drums and center the mixer block.  It sounds fantastic!  Only through headphones so far but I am stoked.

Played a funky chord sequence and it picked it up perfectly.  Sweep through the different styles and genres and get things I wouldn't have thought of on my own, all synced perfectly.  Changes tempo no problem.  This is going to take my practice, playing and song writing to a whole new level...


Patch to use with Trio -

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