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Alternative to the UX2

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Hi There, 


I'm not confident in the UX2 working with windows 10, so i may have to look for an alternative. 


What i like about the UX2 is that it has become my primary sound card. I have headphones and 2 studio monitors connected to it. I can hear all system sounds from either source, and i play games, listen to music, and of course record my music using the interface. 


My question is what other audio interfaces offer this functionality? I have seen some where the interface only outputs one or the other, but not both?


Have i got this wrong, do they all work like the UX2?


Any help would be much appreciated.




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Another consideration that may or may not be important to you......


The UX2 includes a Pod Farm license. Non-Line 6 audio interfaces do not. If you use the Pod Farm license that came with your UX2 it will not work with other audio interfaces. You will need to purchase the hardware independent Pod Farm license in order to continue using it.

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