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My Brand New JTV69's dsp doesn't work!

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Hi there.


I just bought my JTV 69 and started updating the flash driver. After it stayed like 5 mins and downloaded very slowly, the massage appeared saying that the connection is lost. Since then the dap just doesn't work. When I press on the Varian button it just activates the pies pickup but nothing happens when I switch between different guitar models or different tunings. How can I update or re-install the driver on the JTV?It's now just a regular guitar. Please help! :((

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Re-Flash it, do it again. It may take a couple of tries until you 

get a "update successful" message. Make sure you have green

lights on the interface during the entire update process.


If it asks to keep existing patches, click on "No". The last thing you

want to do at this point is to save anything from a failed update.

Follow the prompts.

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I doubt the DSP is flat out not working, just not processing anything, because the flashing process was borked. Your guitar should be fine and just needs to be reflashed properly like Psarkissian said. 


Hopefully all is good. Getting any sound is better than getting absolutely no sound, it means it's somewhat working still.


I had a firmware update fail on my POD HD over and over again because of a bad USB port I had to fix but it flashed fine no matter what after I fixed it, so hopefully the Variax is the same.

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