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JTV vs HD500 pitch shifting

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Any opinions on which has the better pitch shifting? I play in one band that tunes to Eb and I've been using the JTV to achieve that but I've recently added a non-JTV guitar to my live setup as well so have programmed the HD500 to shift down to Eb when necessary.


Any experiences with one being better than the other?

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JTV no contest.


I've actually noticed, the JTV, might have one of, if not the best, pitch shifters for a guitar on the market, and here's why.


When you pitch shift, there's 2 things to worry about tone-wise: 




Warbling is minimal on the JTV, it's not the best, but it's good. Since there are 6 instances for pitch shifting going on for each string, it allows for polyphony and to avoid warble.


But the main reason why it's so great, is reason 2, and that's because the JTV actually has formant/timbre/tone preservation going on during the process.


Most pitch shifters, when you shift down, the tone of the sound will become more loose and flubby, more deep sounding, and the highs will disappear.

When you have timbre/format preservation, it shifts the harmonic content in the signal to make it sound natural without the obvious pitch shifting tonality.


Now the problem with this technology, is that it'll limit the range of notes you play. The JTV has it just right, and it actually sounds really really natural. It only gets flubby when you reach towards an octave down.


The pitch shifting up isn't the best, but it's better than most other pitch shifters.



I just got a morpheus droptune today, which is probably the best hardware pitch shifter for guitar, and the JTV still sounds better.

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