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UX2 - OSX 10.11 El Capitan - No sound

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G'day there,


Just a quick message to mention that I am not getting any sound output of my Toneport UX2 now that I've installed the BETA release of OSX 10.11 (El Capitan)


The Level meters are working but there is no sound output.


I'm also having problems with Pod Farm.



USB Drive 1.02

Driver 7.3.8


I'm assuming these issues will be fixed but I thought I start a topic in any case.





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nothing.... you'll just have to open a ticket or call line6 to get it reset.


i'm using ux2..i am now using 4 of the 10 active device lifetime..what will happens if i have more than 10 times using active devices...??

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No, because when you hit 10 everything still works....

so there's no urgency...

then you submit ticket or call (much faster if it is somewhat urgent)

and they will take care of it...

nothing automatic about it.

it's a manual process.


whether the tickets will be given automatically when if exceeds 10 active device ?

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We've been down this road a few times before. Any time Apple introduces a new OS, Line 6 monkey drivers don't work any more. If you're not getting any sound from your Mac, try this: go to System Preferences/ Sound and select your Mac's internal speakers. I bet you'll hear sound now when you play music on iTunes or YouTube.

Line 6 audio interfaces rely on drivers, and it usually takes a while to get updated ones, particularly if we're talking about a beta release. I have a backup interface that is simply plug and play. It works fine with Digital Performer 8 and 9.

If you have a bluetooth speaker, you can at least hear decent playback from your Mac, but if you have any kind of driver-dependent audio interface, you're in for a wait. Unless you re-install Yosemite.

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no limit to the number of tickets. 


yes I understand about the tickets .. whether the number of tickets that can be sent is limited depending on the number of devices that we have or the ticket could anytime we send?

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they've never ever released a driver to support a beta operating system ever...

drivers will likely be updated within the first 3 months of release....

but even that depends on what hardware you want drivers for... 


Come on guys ... when will you update the drivers? OSX El Captain is public beta ... the drivers should be updated by now ...

Can you at least give us a timeframe? 

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I googled a little and it seems there is a general USB Audio problem in El Capitan, many interfaces don't work right now.


I am on El Capitan Golden Master and my M-Audio Fast Track is not recognized.


EDIT: My IK Multimedia StealthPlug works.

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The reason why many drivers are not working anymore:


Apple extended the "kext signing" to drivers and only drivers from trusted sources are loaded by the El Capitan kernel, no bypass option here (like for applications in the control panel).
10.11.1 Beta did not help, I am now back on Yosemite.
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I've just encountered the same problem with my POD HD500 on Mac OS X El Captain Official Release version 10.11.

As you may know, I'm using HD500 as USB audio interface, I tried to record an audio track with Logic pro X, but I have no sound.

I think audio meter on Logic doesn't work right now.


Is there any solution for this and Is there anyone who knows the driver updated schedule from Line6 or Apple ?

Thank you for your help in advance.

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Well.  Update OS for other reasons that are nearly as important as, you know, work.  And come to find out Line 6 dropped the ball on having drivers ready by the time the public release was ready.  Jus' saying' that's like being late for your prom date....just don't work.


Love how the sticky is not date/time stamped.  Who knows how long it's been posted.


Seriously, in today's world this should not happen.  El Capitan was in "public" beta since July.  Private beta since what, April/May?  And they don't have "updated drivers yet?


Glad I'm not a serious musician using serious tools for serious work.  I just self produce my albums and to be honest this is horse lollipop.

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Dear Line6, this is unacceptable!


This is the first time I did Mac OSX software update just after a new system release. I regret it. I lost my external sound card capabilities, plus my guitar and midi keyboard become useless... I work in IT/software, so just to add my two cents:


1) you either lack resources or you're aware of the problem and didn't even bother to warn your customers. The new mac osx betas were available long time ago... Never had a chance to test your devices? C'mon!  

2) I know that Apple can be a pain, they don't care much about backwards compatibility, but you SHOULD AT LEAST TRY to prepare your devices for the new system.

3) No statement? I found a simple forum sticky to be your response?! IT'S NOT EVEN TIMESTAMPED! It can take weeks to release new drivers and you know it!!!


I restored the sound by using my Time Machine backup... But this is a pretty hardcore solution, as your disk gets erased during the process... you have no guarantee of success and it's 100% "machine" dependent... Still, I blame myself, but how are gonna address people upgrading their macs? They're gonna be sold with new system and still, your gear is not ready it. WAKE UP POEPLE!!

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