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POD Farm - Is there ever gonna be a window 8.1 update to fix this

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Sorry I having this minor annoying problem that slowly becoming a huge deal



When changing the Driver Format in Pod Farm from 16 bit/44k Hz to 24 bit/48 Hz the driver will change automatically back to it default setting when accessing any problem related to the microphone example audacity, OBS maybe even sony vegas.



Windows 8 is the cause to this problem. How do I know? People who are running the same setup but in windows 7 are able change the Driver Format and have no problems.



The Damage I received from this

  • I bought Windows 7 OEM CD and it crash my second computer and it won't work now (Also lost my files)
  • When Streaming through OBS to Twitch the audio is static unless change through drivers format but when closing OBS or loading another problem during stream the microphone goes back to static



Please people of Line 6 can you please take a look at this problem and fix it.



[ I run a UX2 through Pod Farm 2.5.7 with the latest drivers]


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  • 3 months later...

Nearly 300 views and nothing was ever said about this.......


I thought this issue would be pretty serious since you can't record at top quality without podfarm resetting it all the time 



or maybe there an actual fix that I don't know about

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+1 to fflbrgst

This is a user forum, Line6 will occasion drop in, but it is not the channel for direct support.


I do not use OBS or Audacity, but I suspect this may be an ASIO related issue.

Unless they changed it, Audacity does not support ASIO natively. You can however compile Audacity to support ASIO. It has to do with Steinberg licensing.

Not sure if OBS supports ASIO.

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is it something to do with the drivers. 


I mean when I set the audio bitrate and use audacity straight away it works, but if I want to do OBS after using audacity I have go through the settings and change the bitrate back to 48hz/16bit


Also i'm now using windows 7 but it still happens

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