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Switching Banks using TT and android app

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I have an Amplifi TT and I am using the android app to connect to the amp.


My questions is that how do I set a Bank to the amp other than Bank 1


When my amp is paired, I can access the hardware screen


In the screen I can see 25 banks


I can select the individual tones that I want from the screen


but how can I assign a specific bank to the amp


When I assign a tone via the hardware screen and then use the physical tone button on the amp to switch

It goes to the back to the tones on bank 1



Is this not possible through the android remote app?





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As you noted, you can select tones in any bank from the app, but from the unit itself, you can only access tones in the first bank. The only way to switch banks is to use the FBV (not the Express) controller.

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