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M20D error message on starting

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Hi everybody.

I got a line6 M20d since 2 week.


Since some days i have an error message on starting :


Error reading button

Boot_mode = normal

HDDB mode = 0

Kslot = 1

Buttons =

System_version = 1.20

System state = 0

App returned with status 2


I shutdown the M20d, restart, and it start fine.


Sometimes i have freeze when it run from less one hour, doing nothing special.

Sometimes it can run from hours perfectly.


Nothing except audio cable are connected, no usb to computer, no usb or wifi, no SD card.


I also notice the M20d is hot (temp here is near to 30°c inside house in summer).


Is there a ventilator inside the M20d ?

I don't feel air pulse on the grid bottom the M20D.


So if there is a ventilator, perhaps it doesn't work and it cause some problems.


I have add a ventilator outside the M20d back to her, a 8cm/8cm ventilator, it's better for the temp.


So if someone experiment the same problems and have a solution, it will be helpful.





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Hi everybody, new error message when starting the M20d this morning :


App returned with status 134.
After a restart, it's ok.
Ps the M20d will be exchange the week to come, i hope the new one will work perfectly.

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I had that same message once. It was fine after a restart and has never happened again.

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Thank you for your answer.

The message on starting wasn't the only problem, the M20d was freezing several times per days and was "hot".

The exchange have been done, the new M20d work fine.

No freeze on two days working with it, less hot than the first one, it's great ;)

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