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Cant connect to line 6 server

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i adressed this problem in another topic before.
(using POD HD "Bean")

Line 6 Monkey cant connect to the server.
Line 6 Licence Manager cant connect too.

At the end of the year of 2014 I updated my bean so its been a while I have started the program.
In 2014 everything works fine.

Using the edit software with USB is no problem.
I can also login myself but I get no connection to the server.
Using the website is also no problem.

The only thing which suprised me was that my bean and my computer were not authorized.
So I authorized these via Line 6 Licence Manager.
The funny thing is that right now these objects are authorized but how could the Line 6 Licenece Manager authorized my pc and the bean without connection to the line 6 servers O.o.

I updated the Line 6 Monkey manually to 1.71 but nothing changes.

Does anyone have a solution?


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I apologize that I have posted this post

Everyone who has this problem and uses ZoneAlarm should look under the suspended accesses and have to unlook these if these belong to Line 6.

That seems to messed it up.


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Good to know! Thanks for posting the resolution.

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