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"LOOPER" in PODHD500x to Fully and Properly Control ABLETON LIVE's LOOPER Device.

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I'm trying to fully integrate the PODHD500x with Ableton Live so that I can use the "Looper" device in Ableton, because I want the master clock to be Ableton so that my loops are always in sync and in the right Time Signature depending of what track I'm running.


So to clear some info about my setup. I'm already sending and receiving MIDI from Ableton through the POD.

At this moment I can send program changes from Ableton to switch presets and banks in the hardware. 

Also I can even control specific devices in the Hardware, like for example sending Midi to the POD to activate FX and Modulate the Expression pedals. So this chapter is working like a charm.


What is missing though is a way to use the Looper in the POD to control Ableton Live's Looper.


So at this point I'm already sending MIDI to Looper. 

The way I've managed to don't have the POD's Looper over Ableton's Looper was to turn the playback volume of Looper on the POD to 0. This way I can only listen the Looper from Ableton.


Now the biggest problem arises from the button behaviour in the POD itself when the looper switch is Activated.


Because the REC and Overdub (as also the the PLAY and STOP) use the same Switch (alternately) mapping it to Ableton creates a problem that involves having to press twice for the Switch to do it's defined midi function.


So the way I have it set up is by using 6 Switches. 


a) Switch #1 (FS5) - REC

a) Switch #2 (FS6) - PLAY

a) Switch #3 (FS7) - OVERDUB

a) Switch #4 (FS8) - STOP

a) Switch #5 (FS1) - UNDO

a) Switch #6 (FS2) -  CLEAR


But for this to work as a normal Midi Looper too this buttons need to have an option to work as momentary and only send one CC event.


So my suggestion is to have an option in the Hardware itself to "Bypass the Looper's Switches functions" (making all the FS switches "MOMENTARY" OR "NOTE") so that If anyone wants to use the Looper function as a MIDI CC's it won't be limited because of the way the Switches Work in the POD.


Let me know what you guys think of this :)



Thank you



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Thank you for his explanation, it probably will have already mastered the subject, but as I am new on this subject I take your message to ask if it would be possible to make you a small tutorial that explains how to recognize that ableton the pod. For I can not do it I have no signal. I have a pod500x (USB) and Ableton. What are your settings to get there? Thank you
I am French, so I'm sorry if you do not understand all.

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