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Problem : Tones Sound Bassed In My Hd300 , Help!

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I have downloaded some cool tones that people used and I was impressed pod hd300 can make such awesome tones , so when i got mine and I used their presets they sounded entirely different , the sounds are overly bassed and the palm mutes are either too loud or inaudible either way its problematic , I first thought The diffrence was due to my pickup difference but when I used The same equipment as the other guy did I found out the problem presists

I am now thinking some of my hardware settings are messed up

I want my HD300 to sound like theirs , please HELP!


I have downloaded the tone from this youtube link :

and you all can see how cool it sounds


and this is my sound :


as you can see its nothing like that at all , please help

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hey people ! since no one really answered this question I got a little creative and figured it out


I reinstalled my firmware it sounds great now !

If anyone has this issue I suggest they do the same thing

cheers \m/

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