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In the Studio Vol 2


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Sean is an excellent guitarist, I really like the most of his demos, even if in this case I slightly preferred vol 1, but I would say that metal genre is definitely not his cup of tea..

I agree he is a good guitarist, and that it seems like metal is not his cup of tea.


All the tones he has coaxed out of it (from all the videos) I like except for his metal ones. But I think that is more of a preference/limitation of his personal choice and dialing in, than it is of a limit of the Helix itself.


I noticed in his metal tone in the video that it just looked like he had an Amp, and a Cab, but other than that it was pretty dry, no EFFECTS what so ever, and with that considering it wasn't a bad tone at all.

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thanks for the link, even if didn't work for me..


but I found it and this is the link that works for me: http://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/line6-helix.1586637/page-215#post-20369429


Lol. The link you posted doesn't work for me. :D 


I think it has to do with the number of posts viewed per page on TGP. Mine is set to 50.

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