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I would like a discount code for the model packs


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Looking over the software packs offered and kind of confused between the "HD Fully Loaded Bundle", and the "Power Pack" showing a Standard Variax graphic. I have a Variax Standard and an HD500x. Does the "Power Pack" software update the Variax Standard guitar and/or does it update your floorboard too? Thanks!

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careful!! ..

the "power pack" is absolutely not for the HD series, and none of the available packs has to do with the type of guitar used or pictured..


they give you more amps and some cabs, that's all..


choose the right category on the left corner to see only which packs are for HD

Ah, crud thanks. That narrows it down quite a bit.

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if you find a working time machine you can move yourself back at the Christmas time just past, or at the next one.. or, who knows, maybe at Easter time.. :P


holidays periods when L6 do a 30% discount on the model packs just for a few days ;)

Yeah, but someone created a time machine went back and stole my idea of creating line6 :p, i was the original owner/creator:D:D:D, i should have a discount either way

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It doesn't hurt to ask...not illegal...I mean Line 6 ran a 30% 0ff or something a ways back...I was hoping for the same...


i asked a similar question back in july at which point i would have bought the whole hd set. i'd still get the vintage pack today @ 30% but that desire will have faded as well by next christmas me thinks...

bottom line: wait a little longer and you can save yourself more than 30%.

just sayin

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I like sales as much as the next guy, and I'm about the farthest thing from independently wealthy that there is...but this is hardly high-finance. 30% off a $50 model pack is a difference of $15. That's two beers, plus a many times have you thrown thrown that down on a bar without thinking?

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Cover charge at 'dry' places are higher because they don't get the profits from other sales. 

Sometimes it is a state law, sometimes it is local law. 

Sometimes it is about the services offered (which is also about the law)... 


Totally nude vs topless vs pasties and gstrings. Lapdances. Private rooms. 18 to enter vs 21 to enter. Some places have a 3 feet rule. 


There's all sorts of differences. 

I have seen two places side by side. One serves, one does not. People go and drink in the one, and then come over to the dry one to get the bump and grind because they can't do it where the booze is. 

I have seen a strip joint and adult book store under the same roof --- you had to be 21 to buy a video to take home to watch in the privacy of your own home, but 18 to see it live. 



Hey, I am single. Verile. And always traveling somewhere. If not for strippers, porn stars, and (now that I work in TV) the actresses with emotional issues that work for me... 

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