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I would like a discount code for the model packs


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I up

As I think the 500X will no longer have updates, could be a good idea to give a long term discount code for model pack.

If you buy it new or more if you buy it used,  pay $100 more makes a lot of money....

And if you remeber, for the X3 lve, all amps model are free...

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Not free, but a commercial proposition for users of a machine that is already replaced by the Helix.

Without underestimating the qualities of the 500X, I think that if people like me put their money in this product, one of the reasons is that they can't afford the Helix.


So keeping a high price for model pack ( and after make a  free deal for lucky users) isn't productive. Having something between  10% or 30% discount could increase the sells of addtionnal model pack.


No more, no less

PS sorry for my english, not a native speaker.

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20 hours ago, Johnny_Giant said:

PS sorry for my english, not a native speaker.


Your English is fine... actually, I wouldn't have noticed if you didn't say anything. Welcome to the forum.


Keep in mind that many (not all) of the models in the model packs were re-produced from the Helix models they were creating at the time. IMO... $50 is not unreasonable for a pack, $100 for all packs is not unreasonable, and L6 does run a sale on occasion... it just isn't ongoing. 

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10 hours ago, Johnny_Giant said:

In my opinion, 100€ for additional model pack for an Helix could be ok, because Helix  is  the current  top of Line 6,


I'm not sure if you understood.... but to clarify, most of the amps in the HD model packs ARE Helix models. During Helix development they took the time to make a version that works on the HD series. 


You have three options...

  1. Buy a Helix to get those models. A stomp is about the same amount of money as an HD500x with an add on pack. 
  2. Buy the models that work on the HD for $50 (44€) a pack.... or $100 (88€) for all three packs. 
  3. Wait for a 30% off sale... and get them for $35 a pack, or $70 for all three packs.

#3 appears to be what you are wanting and L6 has a habit of doing this at least once a year... patience is a virtue. 


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I had the pleasure to see that there is a 30% discount code on line6 software and HD models.

So I use the code, and before taxes it was 69.9$ and the taxes have cut the promotion in half because there was 15$ of taxes that have appeared on the bill after.

So 99$ - 30% + 15$

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