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How to download a zipped file on X3 live?

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typically, you would right-click and go to 'unzip' 

the exact procedure is dependent upon your system and all of the various programs that are on it. 



*it may be possible to click the zip, as if you were going to open it, and have the process happen 

*it may be possible to drag the file out of the zipped folder 

*you may need to decompress instead of unzip 

*i haven't a clue how it works on apple

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Man TBH I have to believe you know how to unzip a file by now. If you are looking for info on how to get an unzipped patch file into the X3 you need to go to the downloads section and start some work. You will need Gearbox and probably Monkey. Those programs allow for the usb connection on the X3L to edit and transfer tones. Included in a pretty good user guide too.

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