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Any M13 Upgrade Soon?


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I have to say that if Line 6 could make an M13 with the new switches with rings that change color according to the active effect, that would be pretty sweet. Although, I can't complain about my M13. It's almost 5 years old now, and it still works great.

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My M9 died last week and I need to upgrade my gear, but I'm not sure Whether to get the M13 or the Pod HD500X.

As far as I know the Pod has the same effects and same capabilities as the M13.

But I love the way you can mess and tweak with the effects in the M13.

But I'm really amazed about all the possibilities that you have with the Pod (Control MIDI devices, record, estereo effects, plug in a MIC, and constant updatrs)

Should I get the M13 or the Pod HD500x

Or should I wait for an upgrade for the M13??

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