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For us guitarists who also sing!


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Hey guys


I've tried to use my HD500X to act also as my vocals processor, but I always get the same problem...when changing presets, the mic sound is briefly cut, which is very noticeable when singing, so I've been using a separate vocal pedal.


But it seems this could be easily fixed if they had a separate signal path and maybe also a separate output (although not crucial) for the mic that wouldn't get affected by this sound cut when changing presets.


So I created this idea


All in favor, please vote +1 ! :)

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I suspect that this may not be possible with the current HD arcitecture, Helix is a different question


On the HD it would be Guitar on A Path to Left Output and Vocals on B Path to Right output, but it would also allow effect spillover if delay effects were placed on the B path (vocals in your idea) and the A path was linked to the B path by connecting Left Out into Aux In.

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