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Amp Wish List For The Next Update (whenever That Is)

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-IR loader

-I would buy an amp pack or an effects pack (from old XT)

-Roland Jazz Chorus

-Orange and Peavey amps

- + Bass amps

IR Loader where can we store those IR:s?

I´m not sure it can be done with the existing Pod:s?

Maybe someone can explain how the Pod works.

But when you load IR on the computer you have a harddrive space where you store the IR and i dont think that is possible to create a "space"  where you can store IR on the Pod:s?

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It can't be done, that's why this thread is called a "wishlist". if anything, loadable IR's might pop up in the next POD iterations, not the current.

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I'm happy with the amp choice on the HD500x, I would like to see a few more fx really, especially distortion models:


Marshall Guv'nor (the original 90s version)

A good Boss DS-1

Vox Satchurator

Decent Chorus (chorus on my GSP1101 is so much usable)

Maybe some kind of POG 1 or 2

A solid pitch shifter for dropping guitar to D or Eb, without latency!

And that Steve Vai 'Ballerina' pitch shift effect where each voice can be delayed as well as pitched


The main addition I'd really like to see is having the option to have xlr outputs running a cab simulation (e.g. going to mixing desk) while the 1/4 outputs don't run any sim (going to amp). That way I have the best of both worlds live. I appreciate this is probably impossible to implement in a firmware release but can only dream :-)

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Roland JC120

Orange AD30

Orange Rockerverb 100

Orange OR50

Marshall Silver Jubilie

Fender Acoustisonic

Fender Tone Master (really hard to find in it's own right, but a unique and awesome amp. the other guitarist in my band plays one and its amazing!)

Ampeg V4

Ampeg Gemini 20




Crowther Hot Cake

Emma Reezafratzitz (highly doubt this would ever make it in to a modeler lol)

Fulltone OCD

Fulltone Tape Echo

a proper flanger (MXR M117 by chance?)

Cusak Tap-A-Whirl (with some of the rhythm presets you can go through)

EHX Freeze





Orange PPC412

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