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Logic Pro 64bit - Plug Ins 'disappearing' Whilst Using Pod Farm 2.51

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I'm in the same boat.  I'm avoiding the reinstalling phase as I have read in other threads that this DOES NOT work.  Unless, someone else who had the same experience, says reinstalling with the instructions provided actually has been confirmed, I'm not going to go through that false hope.

I'm in 64-bit Logic, I want to move up to Logic Pro X (Where 32-bit Plug-ins do not work), and highly doubtful that Pod Farm will act any differently then it does on Logic 9.


My work-around to this issue is such a band-aid, it's not even funny.  When I boot up Logic and open up a project, I stay the hell away from existing Pod Farm inserts.  I can work with any of my Waves plug ins without any issues.  If and ONLY if I have to go into Pod Farm, I save the file, go into Pod Farm, make my changes to the amp settings, and save the file again.  After working with existing Pod Farm plug-ins, if I choose to open up another plug-in, I double-click, if the 1st double-click doesn't work, then I know something is wrong and I can predict that the next double-click will remove the plug-in.  When it disappears, I go to Undo (The plug-in will come back to life), save the project, and exit out of Logic Pro all together.  Re-load Logic Pro, and everything is back and running again (Again, avoiding Pod Farm plug-ins like the plague). 


This band-aid takes a couple of minutes everytime it happens out of my schedule.  So, I just avoid Pod Farm, and have moved to Amplitube with Recabinet impulses.  I'm not bashing Pod Farm, I like the software and feel that the interface is the best out there, but something is off. 


Hopefully, someone can confirm that Logic 9 or X with all of the proper unsinstallation procedures can say that it's works, I'll just deal with my above band-aid solution.

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Oh good its not just me then. Just got all my plugins updated that I needed to and finally started using Logic in 64bit mode last week and did a demo of a song using 2.55. Came back to work on it finally yesterday and went WTF when I saw the insert disappear when I clicked on it. (And then it took out the rest of the channel strip with it!)


So its a Logic 9 issue then? Stuck on a Mac Pro 1,1 here so no Logic X for me. 

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Ahh gotcha hehe! Noticed something funny in that same project the other day but Im not entirely sure it was PODFarms fault, or if there was something else causing trouble.. The real guitars I recorded for that song that day sounded awesome, except I could hear a staticy distortion almost like I was blowing up the input. So the next day, I set to re-record them. Still distorting. Levels were fine on the preamp and on the level coming into Logic. Thought it was my ribbon mic, but even my SM57 did it. Now Im not sure because it couldve been something else, after recalling this thread I thought maybe its the plugin? Removed the insert from all the demo tracks, and my last attempt to record came out fine. Of course I wasted my entire day trying to find the distortion, I got a whole like minute of a good recording and then had to leave hah.


Many factors involved though. It couldve been my MOTU 828 was a driver behind (I updated that afterwards), and it couldve also been a weird USB issue since I unplugged the GX after removing the inserts. All I know though, is a couple weeks before when I did my initial real bass track, that track didnt distort. 

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