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I have one midi / footswitch controller http://www.nuxefx.com/product_detail.php?id=79


I can send midi program changes and controller receive.


I don´t know if is possible one footswitch send 2 diferent midi like on/off. When I use midi the led of FS doesnt on or off.


For example I use FS7 to send one program to my footswitcher and is ON footswitch 1, but when I want turn it off, I need use FS8 for send other diferent message. Is like I have to have 2 FS on POD one for ON and other for OFF. 


I can´t use only one FS to assign 2 alternate midi messages???? 




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As you discovered, it's not possible to assign multiple midi messages to one switch, and that when you use the switches for midi, it doesn't affect the LEDs.


When you change presets on the HD500X, there is an automatic Program Change message sent corresponding to the selected preset.

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You are saying, one change one preset to other, if I have midi switch configured they send automatic that value out?


Like I have PRESET 2A with FS7 to midi channel one with program change 003, and PRESET 2B FS7 to midi channel one with program change 005. When I change PRESET , automatic change value out?

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Within a preset you can have one midi message to one switch, not multiple messages assigned to one switch. But when you change presets, an automatic PC message is sent. So when you switch from 2A to 2B, an automatic message with data of 2B (check out appendix B of the advanced user guide for how 2B is represented in midi form) will be sent. The channel it is sent on is determined by the global setting 'midi channel' on page 6 of the system menu.

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If I understand you correctly, you want to send on/off messages on alternate presses of a single footswitch, and have the LEDs reflect the on/off status. Assuming that your controlled device requires a CC Value of 0 for ON and 127 for OFF, pick a block, put something in it that won't affect your preset's sound (if that matters - I use a noise gate for low dsp), turn it OFF, set your CC# to TOGGLE with a Value of 127 and SAVE the preset. Or, with the device ON set the Value to 0, it works either way. Just remember that the first time you press a switch it will send the opposite number. If the Saved Value is 0, it'll send 127. Be sure to SAVE the preset with the pedals in view mode set accordingly (Saved Value 0 = ON, 127 = OFF).

Remember that the Saved Value is what the POD sends when you select the preset. Internally, If you save the preset with the device ON, the next time you press the corresponding button it will turn OFF regardless of the saved value.

Keep in mind that in FS Mode 5-8 you have 8 switches that will send MIDI the way you've set it up, without Program Change messages, UNLESS you press one of the Bank pedals, in which case pressing pedals 1-4 will send MIDI as saved, but 5-8 will send (If assigned,else nothing for that entry):

Exp 1 CC#/Value before Preset Change or Max Saved Value

Exp 2 CC#/Value before Preset Change or Max Saved Value

           Above might be dependent on which pedal is active at the time of the Program Change

           I only have one pedal, so I can't test it. Since Exp 1 is active, it's sending the Max Saved Value for Exp 2

PC#    Default Fixed PC# for that Bank/Pedal



Toe Switch Saved Value

FS5    Saved Value

FS6    Saved Value

FS7    Saved Value

FS8    Saved Value

TAP    Saved Value

So, in Bank 15 Pedal A sends PC# 56.

If your controlled device has 5 slots/efx/parameters and if you want your controlled device's Preset to turn ON Slot 1 and OFF Slot 2, then (Assuming that your controlled device requires a CC Value of 0 for ON and 127 for OFF), set Pedal 5 on the POD to toggle the requisite CC# with a saved value of 0, and set pedal 6 to toggle that requisite CC# with a saved value of 127. To get the POD's LEDs to reflect this condition, set the POD device that's assigned to Pedal 5 ON and the device assigned to Pedal 6 OFF, then SAVE the preset. Now when you select that preset, the POD will send PC#56, the CC# assigned to Pedal 5 with the Saved Value of 0 and Pedal 6 with the Saved Value of 127. The POD will display POD Pedal 5 device ON reflecting the status of the corresponding external device, and likewise for POD pedal 6.

Now I have a MIDI induced headache.

Any questions?


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  • 8 months later...

Hi, I know this is an old thread but I would like to say thanks for the posts above. I thought I would post my experience as it may help others and there is little documentation on the product.


I've just bought a NUX PMS2 amp channel switcher. 




I've used the seller before and it arrived fairly quickly from china - 2 weeks. £26 delivered. I think its a fair price for the product, I couldn't see myself spending the huge amounts on the other brands I'd found.


I use a Blackstar Club 40 with the 4CM. I have an acoustic guitar plugged into the aux, and electric into the guitar input. I have to play in a confined area so losing the blackstar footswitch is also useful. I wanted a way of switching my amps distortion on and off using the HD500x.  So if I swap to acoustic it is now a one button switch that turns off my distortion channel and switches to the Aux input.


I found the manual of the NUX pretty hard going as is often the case with poor translation. I found the problem that the OP had here was the NUX doesnt accept CC#, only Program changes. This is an issue as you cant use one of the pods fooswitches to toggle a CC# back and forth with distortion on/off. I had been using the pod in 1-8 mode and had hoped I could use the NUX as described in the post above mine but this is not possible without losing two footswitches on the pod and having no LED indication of distortion channel on/off.  Instead my workaround is to use the pod in ABCD mode and use the program changes sent when changing patches to swap my drive channel. This does give me LED feedback of drive/clean now and I get a quicker patch change (without having to press the bank buttons) but lose the extra 5-8 footswitches. I can cope with that.


My major issue at first was I didn't understand how to program the unit to receive the right midi message. I found the way it works is to have lots of presets stored inside the unit that remember the state of each of the channel switchers, you then use a midi learn feature to save that preset. So you light up the six channels as you desire, I am only using channel 1, on for distortion, off for clean. So I turn all 6 buttons off for my clean preset, press "save" then send the unit the program change number from the pod, it learns that program change number and saves the states of the six switches. I then turn on channel 1 so it is the only one lit, press "save" and send it my next program change number for the distorted patch on the HD500x.

I used  "Latched -" mode for the Blackstar.


I have also just purchased this (below) as a backup PSU as I dislike the stock one (bad design - it has come apart many times already), it hasn't arrived yet but the comments suggests it is the right ampage and polarity.




Hope I explained it well enough and someone finds this helpful.

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Just an update the psu came. The pod requires 9v 3a negative centre polarity with 2.5mm Jack.


The one I ordered came as a positive centre polarity 9v 2.5a 2.1mm jack with an included adapter that reverses polarity and converts to 2.5mm, I'm sending it back.

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