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DT25/Dream Rig Questions!!!


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Hey everyone,


I've done extensive reading over years on the dream rig and seem to still have a few questions wondering if I can have some clarification.


My DT25 head was out of commission for awhile. A new tube replacement fuse and replacing all the tubes and biasing and its as good as new. I just got an Avatar 2x12 with a V30 and G12H30 and im eager to start fresh and setup the dream rig from scratch.


Here we go.


1) I am connected via VDi cable from JTV-59 to my HD500. I have always set my 1st input to variax or guitar and input 2 to variax. to keep from the doubled tone I read about. Seems like it gives you a small gain boost with it doubled but to my ears it sounds more pure without it doubled. I was also reading a bit about the Line 6 Link output with Left/Right and that seems to double the signal as well although to my understanding it sums it to mono. Does this essentially mean if you don't know from experience that when you first build a patch your signal is doubled with the inputs set incorrectly and the ANOTHER instance of your signal is there with the left/right enabled on top of it? Main question being will running it left only again cut out a doubling of the signal? I figure this will give me a single more clear and defined tone. Also will setting it to Left only affect any stereo effects that would otherwise be summed to mono?


2) I remember seeing this in the first dt promo videos. I understand flipping on LVM will change the presets you have setup from the pre amp model and make it the full model to achieve the digital power amp modeling BUT the video and forum posts here and there claim as you turn the volume up in 10 Watt LVM mode the tubes will start to distort and slowly fade from digital power amp distortion to actual physical tube power amp distortion. I also hear it does not use the physical tubes at all in this mode. Which is true?


3) I am also using it as a bedroom amp and I have no problem setting up 2 sets of patches for each environment. If I've learned anything from using line 6 all these years is if your going to switch setups in anyway then you should start your patches from scratch to dial in the sound. Anyway I forgot how LOUD this thing is. First band practice back with it I have the master at 1.5-2 and its almost too much! After some tweaking....like setting my cleans to max volume and setting the much louder, higher gain settings down to have consistent volume between patch changes. BUT I was thinking about ordering a weber mass mini 50w attenuator to tame my volume while still cranking the master on the pod hd and the dt. It seems like keeping the pod hd master at max to provide the hottest signal to the dt is best if your trying to get the tubes to break up and having the dt master around 12-3 oclock. I feel like for most situations ill be drowning out my band mates. The attenuator would also be useful at home to where I can keep 1 set of presets with preamp models and use the attenuator to get the tone where I need it to be.I understand pure volume and speaker distortion etc. contribute to the holy grail of tone im looking for but for practice im sure it will do.


Any tips/info if truly appreciated.

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