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Spider IV 75 Sound "dirty" after a few minutes

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Hello I bought my spider IV 75 about a year ago.  In the past few days I was playing during a reahearsal and I started to notice like a "saturated dirty" sound coming out from it.  Specially when playing it loud and stomping over the A function switch of my shortboard for the extra boost.


The sound starts clean and then it kind of ripps.  Like if the speaker was blown.


If I turned it down and turn it on again the problem goes away, but after a short it comes back again.


I lowered the Master knob a little bit and it dissappears.  If I raise the Master knob again just a little, the problem shows up again.


I noticed that the amp is real hot when I touched it last night.


Does anyone has a clue of what might be the problem.



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It shouldn't be heating up as much as you describe.  Sounds to me that there is a bad component that is heating up, causing the problem you describe.

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