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Seeking Real World Advice On Which Floor Pod Model To Purchase...

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As the title says, I want to get a floor pod model, but I need advice on which one. Here's some backstory for context:


I play a lot in church and my amp is a big no-no. They are pretty strict about having as little stage volume as possible. The drummer has to play an electric set and there are no stage monitors. Everyone uses in-ear monitors. Primarily, I play my electric, but sometimes Bass or acoustic if the other musicians cant make it. The Floor Pod Line looks quite appealing for ease of setup and functionality.


I was looking at purchasing the HD500, when I learned about the upcoming HD500x. So I decided to wait. But glancing around different forums, it seems that there isnt much difference in functionality. It seems the biggest change is in DSP.  My dilemna comes from not really understanding the whole DSP thing. I get that it is basically the limit of the processing power and that some effects use more of it than others. I get the theory behind it, but I can't grasp how it works in practice since I dont have one to actually play around with. I am also not opposed to the other Floor models, i.e. the HD300, HD400, XTLive, or X3Live. My thought process was just to get the "best" available, but if one of the others will meet my needs, then it would help me save some money to put towards other gear.


The trouble is that I am finding it hard to realistically figure out which one, if any will meet my needs. I installed the HD500 Edit software to play around with, but I think it is a bit useless without the actual unit to test. I tried setting up the software with unrealtistic fx chains to try and reach the dsp limit in an effort to better understand the limit, but I never hit the limit. I tried over and over. Dual amps, with 8 different reverb effects, still didnt hit the limit. I tried every crazy fx chain I could think of, and never hit the limit. I am left to conclude that without an actual unit to play around with, the software was pretty useless. I dont know, maybe I am just doing something wrong.


Realistically, I dont want to use a crazy effects chain though. I usually prefer simple set ups. But lately we are playing songs that use lots of delay effects with different settings, and I dont always have time to change all the settings on the fly. So being able to have multiple delay effects in the chain, is very appealing to me.


Basically, my dream setup contains:

-Amp Sim with nice clean tone  (I am not attached to any particular amp model, and single amps are fine, though I am intrigued by the dual amp possibilities)



-Light Overdrive or Distortion for rhythmn tones

-Overdrive or Distortion for Lead tone

-Light delay for lead tone

-Dotted Eighth Delay

-Quarter Note Delay

-Volume Pedal


I would also want presets for acoustic and bass as well, but I dont really use any effects on those, and I would never need to use the electric, bass, and acoustic at the same time.


But thats kind of a dream setup. I will downsize it any way I need to. Basically, I am intending to purchase a floor pod and just want to get the one that meets my needs the most.


Can anyone help me please?






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The HD500X will absolutely do what it is that you want. The only place where you start to run into some DSP issue is when you're trying to do a dual amp set-up with more than a few heavy effects (spring reverb and pitch effects being the heaviest). For a church set-up, I have not found a better unit than the POD HD stuff. Some guys are still using the X3, but I honestly think you'd be happier with the HD stuff. If you're looking for the best to meet your needs, then the 500X is it.


As far as acoutic goes, you'll be able to run some nice effects (e.g. tube compression, light delay, EQ) without an amp sim on. For bass, you are a bit limited (being that there aren't multiple bass amps like the previous PODs), but there is at least 1 amp in there for you to use, and you can definitely do a direct signal kind of set-up with it.


Because so many worship players use the HD500, you will have access to many tones in the customtone gallery, as well as any other worship players out there (on forums, people you know, etc) who would be willing to share their patches. You'll have go through the procedure I posted about in another thread, but it's no big deal to import 500 patches.


Don't let all of the debate surrounding the new unit scare you off. It's a solid unit, and will do what you want.

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I would get the HD500x.  In addition to increased flexibility due to the added DSP power, I would imagine that eventually Line 6 may develop new amp models and improved existing models that take advantage of the increased processing power.

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they've pretty much stated (via their facebook) that they have no intention of doing any model updates that the 500 can't handle firmware wise...

it's only that you can do more with the 500x... not different... just more of the same.


I would imagine that eventually Line 6 may develop new amp models and improved existing models that take advantage of the increased processing power.

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If you can easily afford it, I'd say go with the HD500X. Otherwise, if you can find a great deal on the used market and want to save some cash, HD500 is the answer.

DSP limit can only be a problem when you run dual amps and start adding multiple heavy fx like pitch-shifting, reverbs and stuff like that.

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I've had my HD500 for about 3-4 months now, and need the unit to cover ground identical to your needs.


I have one patch that has a very nice clean Blackface with a switchable chorus and a good switchable 1/4 note delay. Also a switchable O/D and Switchable Lead Distortion.

I Switch off the O/D and Dist., switch on the chorus, and save it as my #1 patch on the bank. (I use foot switch 1-4 for effect switching, and switch 5-8 for patch switching) That is my Clean Patch

I switch on the O/D, and switch off the Chorus, and save that as my #2 patch. That is my Crunch/Rhythm Patch with a switchable Lead Dist. effect.

I use the same patch with a 1/16 Delay instead of the 1/4 Delay for doing mandolin-type trill picking like "You Deserve" by Hillsong

 . Then save as my #3 Patch.

I use the #2 Patch again with the O/D & Dist. switched on and the 1/4 Delay set with High Mix and Short Repeat along with a Dotted 1/8th Delay Set with

a Lower Mix and a long repeat. (This gives that galloping sound of a Dot 1/8th) Then save as my #4 Patch.


All these give me a Clean, Crunchy Rhythm/Lead, Specialty Delay, Dotted 1/8th Patches on Footswitch 5-8.


Since to-date I don't use any patches utilizing dual amps. I don't need to cover any metal type of tones.

I haven't run into any real world patch creation that I couldn't make because of DSP limiting.

With one amp, I can stack most anything into the signal chain with no problems. I don't have a problem with the buttons either

so I don't really have a use for the 500X right now.


When I started playing on this W/Team, I had only an analog pedalboard and a mic'd 15w Tube combo. I was told "No Amps" too.

So far, I'm about 50/50 about which is better for this venue, but in making everyone happy including myself, the HD500 Rocks...


If the price were the same for both units, I'd definitely get the newer model, of course, but I think The HD500 should be a bargain about now...

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The HD500 (can't say X cause I don't own one) will do you a good job, but be ready for many tweaks because it won't setup like a real amp does (if you are used to that setup). Some can dial it in faster than others, but worst case be ready to do some knob dickin and tone shaping cause its the nature of the beast. And, unless you just think you will need that extra 20% of DSP power, I would look on Ebay for a good used HD500 because they are probably selling theirs to upgrade to the X model. YMMV and good luck!

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