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AMPLIFi power problem


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First let me iterate, this is not a bluetooth connectivity problem.  


Another usual day.  I go to turn on my Amplifi 150, and it slightly powers on then cuts off. By slightly I mean that they lights come on but are very dim and then cut off pretty much immediately. I have tried it a few times at different outlets, on different circuits, and at completely different houses with the same issue. 


So far my troubleshooting has brought me no success in fixing the issue. My first thought was a fuse blew, but then the power shouldn't come on at all, correct?  Another thought I had was an update problem, but the amp will not turn on long enough to update.


Has anyone ever experienced this before? Or any other thoughts on the matter?  


I haven't gone exploring in the back yet because I am still under warranty. 


Thank you all for your help.


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