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POD XT Pro--Getting Started

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Hey guys, just bought an XT Pro of craigslist. However I am having trouble getting started. I believe the unit is not reading my guitar signal. The signal light never lights up. I know that with my HD Pro there are various settings and switches that needs to be changed in order for a good guitar sound to come through. Just wondering if there are some hidden settings or something that I should make sure are working. Hoping that the unit isn't busted in any way.


I have gearbox running, the software and the unit are communicating as well. If thats important. 



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Its been a while since I fired up the ole XT Pro but isn't there a IO button on the front right? But a few things to try prior to going through all the firmware re-installation hassle would be: check the tuner for signal (should be the first thing a signal would hit), there may be a "input" jack in the rear of the unit (IIRC) in case the front one is bad, check the "pad" switch right side bottom, then try it with headphones. There are a bunch of options and hopefully its something simple.


Hope that helps.


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