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How to download model packs I bought?

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Hello, I bought number of model pack and I want to install them for Gearbox.

As I see now Line6Monkey doesn't handle this - It opens License manager.


License Manager shows me that I got model packs and they are authorized - Great, but it shows just list of them - no any "Download" or "Install" button.

So question is - what I need to do to actually INSTALL them?


Thank, you

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There is no "download" it is an authorization allowing the device or Pod Farm to use them.


For example an Pod XT would go through the L6 License Manager and you would see a screen doing the authorization (or installation) to the unit itself. After it is done, upon rebooting the model packs would be seen in the splash screen at start up. There is a menu option too to scroll to them (IIRC) but I can't remember it off hand.



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